One World Retail Program
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ONE World Returns Tool Retailing to Salons—Where It Belongs

You already know our friends at ONE Styling for providing the best professional blow dryers and styling irons available. But they also have a powerful new business-building program that can add tens of thousands of dollars to a salon's bottom line this year—with $0 down!!!!

 When the ONE team realized that mass retailers control 90% of the $500 million styling tool and blow dryer business, they knew they had to do something about it. That's why they created ONE World,  a program brings tool retailing back to the independent salon and stylist by providing all of the tools you need to earn hundreds or more dollars per month. 

"It is so easy to get involved and start benefiting immediately. In fact, we've seen salons doubling and tripling their tool sales in the VERY FIRST MONTH, then continuing to grow—simply by using and recommending the best tools available," explains Les Haverty, vice president of sales.

All you have to do is to commit a minimum shelf space to display ONE's blow tools and have 50% of your stylists using ONE tools at their stations. In turn. ONE provides a comprehensive buy in for stylists at 40% off normal salon price, lifetime warranty (while enrolled in the program) and salon client benefits such as best price guarantee, 2-year warranty vs. - year, custom fitting, 30-day money back guarantee and many more. You don't pay for the tools UNTIL they are purchased. And your salon consultant will track your results for you every month, so there's no extra bookkeeping needed on your end.

ONE also makes it easy to introduce its tools to your clients via education that they already want Several times a month, ONE sends you emails that are ready to send to your clients from YOU. They feature beauty trends, video step-by-steps for creating their favorite styles and tips from ONE's team of celebrity, runway and session stylists. It takes all of the information they currently get from beauty magazines and blogs, but instead, positions YOU as their personal resource for tips, techniques and styles.

ONE World is the one guaranteed way to earn more money this year. Ask your salon consultant how you can get started TODAY!


Effective Merchandising for the Morrocanoil Body Line
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When you enter an active salon one can sometimes experience sensory overload - the sounds of blow dryers, music , chitter chatter and a smiling receptionist quick to take your coat can be overwhelming. You are there to get your fresh new haircut or try to that new red you have been wanting and you can’t help but notice all of the latest and greatest in beauty products.  You then wander over to the waiting area and snuggle in a big comfy velvet chair. Your eyes take a gander at all the pretty merchandise displayed. The bright colors, the advertising, and the testers of products motivate you to get out of the cozy chair and indulge in the merchandise.

Moroccanoil has done a phenomenal job with suggestions for displaying their product. They make it stand out - the colors and lights reflect the idea behind the importance of internal health for your hair and body.  The Wall Bay display portrays the colors of the Mediterranean.  It simply stands out, and catches the consumer’s eyes.

With the launch of the Moroccanoil Body Line, salons and spas should carry over the same mentality with the luxurious line, making it stand out and truly be a separate entity from the hair line, as its own line. With the same packaging and look as the hair line it could get lost with the hair products. The consumer needs to know it is a fabulous body line that complements the hair line. When used together, remarkable results will happen to both hair and body.

To merchandise the body line, why not add some sea sponges in a pretty glass jar or some wooden bath and body brushes and loofahs. When doing this, the consumer will see the pretty display and want to know what products are affiliated with the props.  Display the body line on an experience bar at the front of the salon and/or spa so when customers come in it’s one of the first things they see. At the experience bar, have the product displayed in little porcelain spoons with a dollop of product in each spoon with tester sticks in a pretty glass bowl. Let them experience the opulence of the Moroccanoil body line and, most importantly, a journey through the Mediterranean.


Keratin Complex Introduces Demi-Glaze
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Whether you want to step up your style, or fall into a new look this season, Keratin Complex® has the treatment, product or styling tool for you. Switch up your look with Keratin Complex Color Therapy Demi-Glaze Keratin-Enhanced Demi-Permanent Hair Color.

Fortified with Triple Protein Protection, an exclusive blend of keratin, collagen and silk protein, Demi-Glaze Keratin-Enhanced Demi-Permanent Hair Color has a multi-benefit formula that adds tone to natural hair and enhances the results of permanent hair color and lightened hair. It can even blend gray hair up to 50%. Demi-Glaze is specially formulated to work synergistically with Keratin Complex Demi-Glaze Activator to ensure consistent, reliable results.

Don’t forget! Demi-Glaze is the perfect partner to the Keratin Complex It’s a Blonde Thing Keratin Lightening System—it enhances the hair following a lightening service and tones pre-lightened and highlighted hair. Demi-Glaze also comes in a clear version to provide brilliant shine and improve the health of natural or color-treated hair.


Give the Gift of Glamorous Hair this Holiday
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The Verge™ Spiral Wand™


ONE™, the creator of the most sophisticated styling tools, makes it quick and easy to get the looks that everyone is buzzing about.  Effortlessly perfect the  glamorous "S-wave"  with the Spiral Wand™, the newest addition to the Verge collection of versatile texturing wands. This revolutionary tool allows stylists to create a stunning look—perfect for any holiday party--in a fraction of the time it takes using traditional irons.  Plus, the simple clip, roll and release technique makes it easy for your clients to recreate the signature look at home, making it the ideal stocking stuffer!

Guys and Ties, American Crew Face Off Launch Chicago, August 19th.
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It was a hot summer’s evening at the Crimson Lounge, a unique and exciting venue in Chicago’s Near North neighborhood. Here on this night American Crew, in partnership with Custom Hair Lounge and Premier, launched the much-anticipated global men’s cutting competition, Face OffThe first and only competition we have ever seen of its kind. Unlike most competitions, this is focused strictly on the cut and style. Backgrounds, lighting, wardrobe, and accessories all count for zero points in this one. One shot from the front, and one from the side is all American Crew is asking for.      


The event was brought together by the dazzling duo of Pasha Ghanei, Regional Sales Manager for American Crew, and Nevena Zee, Stylist and Co-Owner of Custom Hair Lounge & Spa in Lincoln Park.


As excited guests entered the venue they were greeted with full red carpet treatment and photo ops made possible by Outvision Photography. Once inside there was electric music flowing through the various rooms that were interconnected by red carpet, runway, and catwalks.  Guests enjoyed wine while mingling with other stylists in anticipation for the show to get underway. 



Steve Cohn, President of Premier Beauty Supply, introduced Pasha who really explained what the event was all about… To find the best men’s hairstylist in the world.  The competition runs until September 30th and requires the submission of two black and white photos of your original styles.  One photo is to be face on and the other profile.  Click here to see the full rules and to submit your entries. 



Once Pasha had explained the reason for the culmination of this inspirational event he introduced Nevena who brought to life all of the models for the show.  In all 24 models were present each with their own unique style amongst four different categories. The runway was like nothing I have seen before. The catwalk ran its course throughout the entire venue. Turning and stretching it’s way around the room, there was truly nowhere to hide. In essence, there was no bad seat in the house.


The four categories of models included, casual, formal, sporty, and of course my favorite, military edition.  After the runway event guests, models, and stylists got to mingle more to discuss the fashions presented as well take a closer look and feel the hair for inspiration.  I can’t wait to find out who wins Face Off 2012!


Solutions Day Spa White Party
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Solutions Day Spa is located in Kokomo, IN. They have been in business for 30 years, and have built a staff of over 80 employees, over one million dollars in business and a beautiful Cosmetology school. As we all know, in life, things change, needs change and life takes its unexpected turns. With that being said 2012 brought change and opportunity to Solutions Day Spa. They found themselves needing to "wash the walls" so to speak and put a new coat of paint on. Sometimes we have to create a blank canvas to start a new page in life, thus, the "White Party". The owners made the decision to introduce a company and a new philosophy to their staff by bringing in Keune Hair Cosmetics from Holland. After months of planning, they transformed their building into a clean "WHITE" canvas, with all the walls being draped in beautiful white taffeta and the ceilings glistening with all white tool material and soft light streaming from paper lanterns hanging from the ceiling when the event began. The evening started with the entire staff entering, dressed only in white with the exception of their hats and shoes. As the pictures show, the staff was stunning and so was the salon. They found themselves eating wonderful white appetizers and drinking sinful white martinis. All in all, it was a grand party and an absolutely perfect way to start a new beginning with a new loyalty to a very well established hair care company.  The perfect way to blend an outstanding salon with an outstanding hair care company.

Moroc and Roll
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Moroccanoil Runway Event: Sunday, August 12th Chicago 


As anticipated, the Moroccanoil Runway Event in Chicago was one of those must-attend events of the year. The affair was hosted in the distinguished West Loop contemporary event space Venue One. Moroccanoil did what they do best and made this a first-class event from start to stop. With a dress to impress vibe around the room salon owners, hair stylist, and other select guest mingled together while being served wine, beer, humus, kabobs, along with other Israeli staples. 


Once the space was packed, everyone was lead into the runway show room where Moroccanoil's Director of Education Robert Ham and Platform Artist Micheal Cohen ran an impressive show displaying the seasons most glamorous looks and styles. All cloths worn were designed by Chicago's own Michelle Gomez specially for this event. Local Stylists Paulo Pasini (Salon 1800), Adam Bogucki (Robert Jeffrey), and Agustine (Teddie Kosoff Salon and Spa) were also featured on stage, giving the gifted local stylists a chance to show off their talent to their home Chicago crowd. It was great to see local talent displaying the looks they have mastered while working day in and day out in the city and sharing their knowledge of the Moroccanoil product line. 


Robert even gave a little insight on what's to come with Moroccanoil. Don't tell anyone, but you can expect a hydrating shampoo & conditioner, volume mousse, and a styling paste to come in the near future just to name a few. Bit by bit Moroccanoil has grown before us all starting with just the treatment oil; which was dubbed "one of the best beauty products ever!" by People Magazine on July 16th of this year. 


All in all, fun was had and we can't wait till the next time Moroccanoil comes to town.. See you there!


Frizz Fighters
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Here in the Midwest, most of us yearn for winter to finally be over and the few months of summer to begin.  It seems this year our wish was granted and then some with unusually high temperatures and unbearable humidity.  Of course with the heat and humidity comes everyone who’s hair fashion forward’s worst nightmare…FRIZZ!!!  Anyone who is prone to frizz will search high and low for any solution to tame their unruly locks.  As stylists, undoubtedly you’ve heard it time and time again, your client pleading for solutions.  Unfortunately, everyone differs in their hair’s texture, porosity, density, and condition due to environment and other factors. 


Like most characteristics our hair is built into our DNA and passed on from our biological parents, therefore if either parent has frizzy hair it is likely that their child may have frizzy hair.  Another cause of frizz is dry porous hair cuticles.  While DNA may not be something easily changed (if it’s in your DNA to keep your hair, if not, please inquire about DS Laboratories hair regrowth products), there are solutions to dry/porous hair to tame an out-of-control mane into manageable, smooth, shiny, healthy looking hair. 


Hair can become dry or porous several ways.  If the hair is curly as opposed to hair lying flat, the cuticle lays open with the curve of the hair.  When the cuticle is open the hair does not retain moisture.  Something that many overlook is exposure to the sun and harmful UV rays can also leave the hair dry and damaged.  Over exposure to high levels of heat will also leave the hair dry and damaged, this means our blow dryers and hot tools we love so much can actually cause frizz! 


Don’t panic!  There are solutions to all of these causes of frizz.  For curly hair or hair that is naturally prone to frizz try a leave-in conditioner or serum.  When you know you’ll be exposed to UV rays make sure to use a product with a UV protectants (I don’t mean put sun tan lotion in your hair), there are many products you’d be surprised to find UV protectants in.

Kevin Murphy, Young Again, Leave-In

Indulge yourself with intensely conditioned smooth, soft hair. Apply daily to infuse hair with shine and protection from heat and the environment. Directions: Apply to damp, freshly washed hair before styling. 


Keratin Complex, Flex Flow Hairspray, UV Protection

Flex flow finishing hairspray is a lightweight aerosol hairspray that gives brushable hold to all styles.  Provides flexible hold while adding shine and brilliance to finish any style, hydrolyzed keratin improves the strength of hair fibers, and UV protectants defend hair against damage.


ColorProof, HeatProof, Thermal Protector

Meet the next generation in frizz-fighting. This breakthrough weather-resistant, heat protective crème leaves defiant, flyaway, color-treated hair super soft, glossy, and vibrant—no matter how many times you reach for the flat iron.